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Our Mission

The South Dakota Board of Regents has constitutional authority to govern the system of public higher education in the State of South Dakota.  Supported by an Executive Director and staff, the Board provides leadership and sets policies for the programs and services delivered through its six universities and  two special schools. 

The Board of Regents strives to support the academic mission of the system by assisting students to maintain an optimum level of personal health. Therefore, the goal is to provide affordable insurance products to our student population and their families.

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Top Ten Reasons to choose the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan

•  Access to care

  Affordable coverage

•  No longer eligible under a parent's group plan

•  National pharmacy network

•  Claims processed quickly and efficiently in a local South Dakota office

•  Case managers work with members who have severe injury or illness

•  Low deductible per year

•  Avoid medical debt

•  Preventive care benefits

•  Extensive Provider Network



Under South Dakota law, students who do not have health insurance will not be covered under the county's indigent coverage, should the need for medical assistance arise. Choosing not to purchase health insurance may negatively impact students and their financial future. It is highly recommended by the South Dakota Board of Regents that students purchase some form of health insurance coverage.


SD State Universities Health Insurance Information for Students